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Spring Skincare

March 09 2020

Spring Skincare

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and its importance cannot be overstated. The skin is part of the integumentary system, a system whose primary focus is to protect the body from injury and disease-causing organisms. Indeed, skin is on the frontline of protection as it acts as a barrier to protect the body and its organs from external contaminants that can cause infections, or worse. So skincare is very important as damaged and unhealthy skin may serve to diminish, or hinder, the skin’s ability to protect. Though healthy skin is important to physical health, it also plays a role in mental health. Beautiful skin helps to make that all-important first impression a positive one. Also, a pleasing appearance is enhanced by glowing skin, which, in turn, elevates self-esteem and confidence. Also available to the consumer are skincare services that can be attained at Ästhetik Rx, in Bowmanville.

Currently on the market, there are two skincare products that are essential to any skincare routine: Colorescience® and ZO® Skin Health products. Colorescience® is not only dermatologist-recommended, but it is recommended for daily use by the Skin Cancer Foundation as it provides all day protection from harmful UV rays that accelerate the signs of aging and can contribute to skin cancer. Colorescience®, comes in a cream form, making it very blendable and wearable under makeup. Products offered by Colorescience® include:

• Sunforgettable brush on sunscreen
• Natural Foundation
• Mineral Corrector
• Hydrating Mist
• Pigment Perfector

Also on the skincare market is a line of products called ZO® Skin Health. Suitable for all skin types, the ZO® Skin Health cleanser should be apart of every skin care routine. This cleanser provides many benefits and comes in three varieties: gentle, exfoliating, and hydrating. It can be used to remove makeup and deep clean the face and neck to remove impurities. Since it contains lauroyl oat amino acids, it will not dry out the skin. ZO® Skin Health also protects the skin from UV rays and promotes the skin’s hydration. Some other products offered by ZO® Skin Health include:

• ZO® Gentle Cleanser
• ZO® Exfoliating Polish
• ZO® Dual Action Scrub
• ZO® Oil Control Pads
• ZO® Complexion Renewal Pads
• ZO® Calming Toner
• ZO® Daily Power Defense
• ZO® Instant Pore Refiner
• ZO® 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating
• ZO® Radical Night Repair
• ZO® Wrinkle + Texture Repair

In addition to skincare products, skin care treatments from Ästhetik Rx, located in Bowmanville, can help you achieve a healthy, clear, and glowing complexion. Among the services provided are:

• Anti-aging
• Acne treatments
• Chemical peels
• Facial treatments
• Microdermabrasion treatments

Whether the motivation is health or beauty, adopting a skincare routine is never a bad idea. Contact us today to learn more about skin care products and services that will better your skin!

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  • I went for a consultation at Asthetik Rx. I have always wanted Botox to erase some lines on my forehead but was always very nervous. The place is very clean and modern. The Staff was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure from start to finish, and also answered all my questions and concerns. The results were amazing and the price didn’t break the bank either. Excellent place!

    Amanda Z.
  • I have finally found a place that can give me the results I have been looking for, for a very long time.